Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I threw up pictures....

These were from Labor Day, I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the rad bike Ashley's husband nick built, oh well, maybe someone else did?

Axel passed out on the way there, so we moved him to a blanket on the lawn so he could have a good nap, and then we moved the blanket and he still slept.

Ash and baby Nixon
 Gauge lovin the grass
 Ashdon lovin Gauge
 And Felix working on his walking skills

Earlier this month we had a play date with some cousins, Ashley, Ashdon and Baby Nixon came over on Thursday when I tend Kassie's kids it was very loud at our house all day, but boy did these kids have fun playing together!

Best buddies, this couldn't be more true, Axel loves Ashdon, and is always asking to go to Ashdon's home. 
Story is such a good sport to play with all these boys, I can't wait for Dani to get older she and Story will have to stick together! 
For some reason they decided we needed to clean our back yard! 

Axel and his bucket

That pool gets kinda crowded with 3 kids! just wait until next summer when there is 6 toddlers! 

Story is often found sitting on our bench playing with all the heart figures :) 
A little after we played outside we came inside and Ashdon and Axel  were found hanging out on this chair playing with their cars :)

This was pretty much what the day was like :) 

A few weeks ago my mom's work had a carnival. It was really fun, my sister had just gotten back from Arkansas as well, it was fun to see her and her kids again after the long summer. We missed having them around

Axel enjoying all the treats by the trash can.
 Grandma showing off her new baby girl grand daughter, she only has a few of these so they get pretty spoiled :)
 Axel really wanted to climb the bouncy house but got to scared, luckily Aislynn took him through once.
 Hinkley and Nicolas
 Our picnic lunch
 Baby girl
 spider man
 Axel got a basketball painted on his hand
 This kid walks now! Crazy
 Ah Hinkley such a sweet heart
 At the end of August Ashley and I made a trip to Cherry Hill to spend the day, only to find out it was Freaking CLOSED already! luckily the nice lady at the KOA there, let us swim in the KOA pool. The boys were satisfied but kept asking to go to the pirate ship :(
 The water was too cold for these two munchkins to get in
 They love sitting by each other on the beach chairs! I can't count how many pictures I have to these two snuggling together, and it never gets old!
 Axel rested his head on ashdons shoulder at one point! we were dying
 This is Dani's cousin Khloe she is a couple months younger than her, but they weigh about the same. Dani is a bit taller though. And obviously Khloe has a lot more hair. we have hair envy :) 
 that's a lot of pink wouldn't you say?

 Cute cute girls


KaSs MiLeS said...

that's a ton of little kids!! poor story is stuck with all the boys! good thing dani is in a hurry to grow up with all that sitting up business!

Ashley said...

Wow, horrible picture of me, but so many cute pictures of the kiddos!

Karen said...

Love all the photos!