Monday, September 26, 2011

"Happy Happy Birthday Birthday Crayonma"

That is what Axel said all day yesterday, as yesterday was his mamma's mamma's birthday. And as many of you know, he is really into birthday's right now. He even was ok with going to a birthday party and not getting a gift. He just had fun playing with all his cousins, and then his favorite part watching grandma blow out ALL those candles, again and again and again. (Why do trick candles never get old?)

When "crayonma"(as Axel says it) couldn't do it, she had a swarm of little boys to her rescue. We quickly put an end to that before too much spit got on the cake. But it was a good day, for a very good lady, who we love greatly.

Even though I am a day late on here, I know she will check it, so Happy Birthday Momma! We love you to pieces and are so glad we have you!

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rain said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! It's way nice that you get to spend it with her.