Sunday, September 11, 2011

Did you miss me?

If you haven't noticed anyway, I haven't blogged or been visiting blogs to leave my many words of wisdom this week, and it's been killing me! But probably not as much as it has been all my loyal readers :)

I wish it was because we have been too busy having fun to do so, but in fact it has been quite the opposite. Granted it hasn't all been miserable but it hasn't been the best week either.

Where to start...

Early last week we said good bye to my power cord to my computer. (Kory did a really good job fixing it when it broke last month and got it working again, but this time around it just wasn't going to work.) And due to just pure bad timing on my part it took us a bit longer to get a new one.

So we have been using the computer on an emergency basis until the new cord comes, but my life is on this computer, it has been extremely hard for me to function with out it.  Luckily Kelli and Kyle lent us their computer so we were able to use that as a back up. It was greatly appreciated.

Which leads to incident number two, last Friday I was going to print some baby shower invitations I was asked to make for a lady in our ward. I went downstairs to my newly remodeled office, and could just smell old water. So I walked over to our closet which leads to the furnace and under my feet I felt a "squish squish" and just new it was bad. I called Kory (who just left for work 30 minutes before that) and he came home, to fix what we thought was just a small leak in our AC pump. I thought I would get a jump start and pull up the carpet, and OH MY GOSH this was no small leak! There was water EVERYWHERE, I am sure most of it absorbed into the concrete, and thankfully we bought a super absorbent pad, because it kept the carpet dry in most places, but the pad was drenched. (Does anyone else feel like they are watching a period commercial?)


We worked for hours emptying out the room and sucking up the water with the dry vac. When we went to carry the pad out we couldn't lift it because it was so full of water. We put it in a plastic garbage bag and the bag just filled with water instantly. Luckily, we were able to make it out of the basement before it broke and got the other parts wet.

We dried out the pad, carpet and concrete, and then cleaned it all with bleach water in hopes to get it all clean, we think it will be ok, but we are still kinda waiting it out.

It is really hard for me to have things like this happen. I don't do well with the unexpected. Anyway later that night we had a ward camp out that Kory was in charge of, so we couldn't really miss it. We had a lot of fun at the camp out but it kinda messed with Axel's sleep schedule. He didn't want to go to sleep in his room after that. But after a few nights of us standing our ground we are finally back to normal sleep schedule and routine.

Looking back at all this now, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but to us it wasn't exactly the funnest week for us. But like the motto that seems to fit our situation oh so well "It could be worse" and I just have to keep telling myself that over and over, this week more so than ever.

On the plus side, my replacement power chord came yesterday, yeah! And now I can get all my swimming lesson stuff finished up, and get  back to blogging! I know you are all so excited about it. And I have loads of end of the summer (I think that is the first time I admitted that) posts to write.  For now here are some pictures to keep you all happy :)

Axel enjoying his camp out food

It was soo cold, we all ended up bundling up in the same bed
 Baby girl was not a fan of how bright it was that morning
 Just like at home, Axel pushed Kory all the way to the edge of the bed
 Axel's camping face
 Baby girl was all smiles once her eyes adjusted
 Axel thought it was fun to wake up in the tent and eat breakfast in bed
 For Axel's Birthday, Grandma J got him a toddler bed, he had so much fun putting it together with dad.

 He was really excited to sleep in it too, and got his pillow and blanket ready for bed before it was even finished
 Here it is in all it's glory in his room
 However after the camp out he refused to go to bed, and one of the mornings this is where we found him. But since that day he has slept in his big boy bed.
I will try to blog some more tomorrow, perhaps something more interesting. But I like to keep this in order. I just uploaded photos from both my cameras and I have quite a few things I missed out already...until then peeps, happy sunday!


rain said...

Ha! Syd fell asleep in front of her door, tonight. I should have taken a picture of her.
I've missed you. And your posts. So I'm glad you've updated.
I can't believe you were brave enough to take two babies camping. I would have refused. No matter who was in charge of it. Thumbs up to you guys.

Kelli said...

That picture of him eating in bed while camping is hilarious. And if you had seen my reaction to our flood, I'm sure you would feel better. I basically stood in the middle of the kitchen paralyzed, sobbing, and swearing up a storm.

Jess~ca said...

Wow! What a week! I'm so glad you got your new powercord, I was missing your blog posts! Axel and Dani are such cute kids, and I love his robot room decor--- Shane has that grey robot shirt, it is sooo cute on both of them :)

And I'm glad that he is now sleeping in his big boy bed and his routine is back to normal-- any change to the normal schedule is hard for moms, it makes super stressed out.

Anywho, We went camping with Sky's parents when Shaner was little and it was so cold that night that we were all smooshed together just to get a little warm, and I had totally forgotten about that memory until I read about your camping stuff!