Sunday, May 29, 2011


We would like you all to meet
Danielle Grace Anderson
Born May 23, 2011
6:36 am
6 lbs 12 oz
19.5 inches
Here's how it all went down...

All weekend long I was having contractions at night, so every night I would go to bed timing my contractions only to have them taper off and then stop. But I had a lot of pressure too and I felt like I was going to have her any day because I just was in pain.

On Sunday, I was quite miserable, in fact a few ward members pulled Kory aside in concern because I just looked wiped out, and boy did I feel it. During sunday school while Axel napped across Kory's lap, I napped on his shoulder, because I was just exhausted. I am sure we were quite the sight. :)

That night after dinner, because I was soo wiped out, I opted to not load our dishes in the dish washer, and just left them in the sink. I said to myself, she's not coming tonight, so I can do these in the morning. ha ha

After Axel went to bed, Kory and I retired to our bedroom to play card games before bed. But even that made me exhausted, so we decided to just read our scriptures and talk for a bit. Kory also painted my toe nails for me.

We kinda joked how we were somewhat disappointed she didn't come this weekend because it would have been mighty convenient for us. We eventually decided to call it a night and literally the minute we turned out the lights, I got a very hard strong contraction (at about 12:20).

Kory then said to me "Let me know if they get closer together and I'll time you." He then fell asleep almost instantly, and I just laid there with my phone in my hand waiting for the next one, wondering if it would be an hour away or sooner, or nothing at all. But to my surprise and unlike the nights before the next one came on much much quicker, 12 minutes later at 12:32.

Then another at 12:45

So I texted my sister (who is a Labor and Delivery Nurse, and I knew she was working and would be up) and asked her what I should be watching for.

She told me 4-5 minutes apart and hard to talk or move through, then come to the hospital. I would text her everytime I got a contraction which I am sure she was annoyed by, but Kory was sound asleep until they started to get stronger, and I couldn't help but cry out in pain.

The contractions stayed at 12 minutes for about an hour, then started to increase to 8 minutes at 2 then they started coming at 4 minutes, and were quite painful, so we called Kory's mom to tell her we were going to the hospital, she was such a good sport and came right over to stay with Axel. When we left for the hospital it was about 2:30 and my contractions were 2-4 minutes apart and very strong.

My sister had a bed and room waiting for us when we got there. I got changed and she started monitoring my contractions. I was only to a 4 so she was worried that if we couldn't get my contractions close enough together my Dr would send me home.

After that they started to space back out to 8 minutes, but were really long, like 3 minutes long. My sister thought that was really weird and unusual, so they stripped my membranes to see if that would help them be more consistent. Then the Dr. came in and before my sister had to plead my case, he asked if I would like them to break my water, and advised my sister to give me Petocin if the contractions wouldn't regulate.

FEW! That was such a huge relief, because up to that point we weren't sure if I got to stay. I didn't want to get sent home, and I also was relieved to be getting pitocin again because I knew it would help make it go by quicker, and that would make it more like Axel's delivery so more doable to me.

They broke my water with what Kory tells me was a long stick like thing, I was in pain recovering from a contraction so I didn't notice how, nor did I want to know how it was done.

After they broke my water we kinda waited to see how quickly I would dilate and to see if my contractions would start to be more regular.

They were coming on faster after that but still like 3-5 minutes long, instead of like the minute that they should be and they were very very painful. So I asked for my epidural, I was in a lot of pain, and when they did my epidural I had a hard time understanding what the Dr. was saying because I was in so much pain.

After the epidural we decided the pitocin would be a good idea to help me dilate the rest of the way, I can't remember what I was at that point.

Once I couldn't feel the contractions anymore I was able to take a small nap, and I think just that relaxing time I got to just breath really helped, because up to that point I was a mess. I was crying and shaking, and my nerves were just shot. But it really helped. At about 6am my sister checked me again and I was fully dilated so she called the dr and had him come in.

I pushed through one contraction and they had me push once more, and then sorta half push, since my contractions were longer than most, we didn't have to wait for the next one, and out she came, my Dr. had me sit up to see her come out, and I got to watch as they pulled her shoulders and such out, I was soo amazed! She looked sooo much like Axel I just started to cry, and I wanted to hold her right away.

My sister cleaned her up and brought her over to me, and I was able to nurse her right there, and it was amazing. It was hard at first because she was upset, but then she latched on and was such a good nurser. When she was all done nursing she stuck her thumb right in her mouth. It was pretty cute.

My mom was there with us and was our designated camera man, so I got the whole thing on film :) Don't worry I wont post it here, but I am really glad I got to see it after, and it wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be either, so glad I decided to do that this time, and that my nurse didn't talk me out of it. :)
Remember when I had the bleeding back at 6 weeks? My Dr actually was able to find where the tear was in the placenta. Which I thought was pretty cool. I didn't see it but thought it was cool they were able to find it again. I didn't require stitches, but my Dr. put two in just to be safe. Which has made my recovery awesome! I didn't think it would be easier than when I had Axel, which was part of my anxiety, but it was. But maybe this is true for everyone's 2nd, your body just knows what to do, and so it's not as stressful?Mother Baby Stay

My stay in Mother Baby was brief (upon my request) and not because we are cheap either, which we are, but that wasn't why. :) I just didn't want to be there longer than required. I knew being home would be much much more restful. The only thing I liked this time, and I can not believe these words are coming out of my mouth was the food. (This coming from a girl who use to make said hospital food) They have switched to a room service type deal and that was soo great. I got to order what I wanted and it was really nice, and none of it reminded me of the crappy days of working there (just fyi, worst job I EVER had) except maybe the cream cheese cookies, which are to die for.

My nurses were great too, but its just the whole coming in all night long that drives you nuts. And since Kory wasn't staying with us in the hospital I was left taking care of baby girl on my own, every time they woke her up, so needless to say I was so glad when they said we got go home a day early.

We have loved the new addition to our family, she is such a sweet little thing, she is sooo smiley already, and super strong. In some ways she reminds me of Axel, but in so many ways she is her own little person, and very different. She is still in the newborn sleep all the time stage, which is so great, but when she is awake she is busily looking about trying to figure noises out and opening up her teeny tiny eyes at us.

The transition of bringing her home has been so much easier than I anticipated it to be. I was soo nervous that it would be hard and stressful. But it has been so great. I think the hardest part is the other members of the family aka Axel, zoe and big dog, getting a little less attention. Axel seems to be adjusting ok, some days are really good, and some days are harder, but we're adjusting. Kory has been home all week so it has been great to have him here to help with all of Axel's issues.

Axel met her in the hospital shortly after we had her and said "Baby, shhh be quiet" in a soft voice. And that was pretty much all the attention he gave her for a couple days. He thought the food they gave me was more entertaining, and loved sitting on my bed eating ice and watching his shows. Each day he gets more and more into her, and is starting to be more interested. It took a little while. He has had a few meltdowns this week, which I think mostly is a result of his schedule being all messed up. He is such a routine kid, and even though we have tried to make it as routine and normal as possible it has been different for him. But all in all he is doing well and has even offered to give her hugs and loves.

Getting ready to bring her home...but we still had to wait 2 hours for them to do her hearing check...

Axel loved the hospital bed

Dad and baby girl
She can't decide if she loves her Binki or not, one thing is for sure, all of the sudden Axel wants one too, and whenever he finds one says "Kinki," pops it in his mouth...WHAT?! This from a kid who refused them since he was 6 months old.

All packed up ready to come home
This week we have been busy, already she has gone to two graduation lunches, a funeral, and a baby blessing. But mostly we have all been just hanging out together as a family making the most out of our time together. It has been so nice to have Kory home this week, this is the most I have seen of him since we had Axel.

What could be so interesting you ask?

I didn't see much of this donut after they gave it to me, it instantly became Axel's, and was used for a pirate hat (as seen here)
a Basketball hoop, a balloon, and the letter O.
Just some pictures of Dani
Getting ready for the funeral
Hanging out with Grandma
Nap time
yep Kory is sound asleep here.
Her old lady face
It was also our 5 year anniversary this week! We decided to keep it simple considering the circumstances and just took a trip to the park for a picnic and a little sun time. It was perfect, later that night a neighbor brought us dinner, and we watched a movie that night. But happy anniversary to us! Had we not had her Kory would have just been at work all day, instead we got to spend the whole week together as a family. Best Anniversary present ever, so thanks baby girl.


Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

Amy, she is so beautiful. I love her already! What a darling family you have. Congrats! I can just picture you and Axel napping on Kory and it makes me smile. I can't wait to see her in person. Let me know if you need anything. I need to bring that sweet girl her gift. I loved every bit of your post, thanks for sharing. :)

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

That was a super long post, and i loved all of it. I love her sucking her thumb. And in that picture of her on your chest you look so gorgeous, its sad your head is cut off. The picture of her just barely out with the cord and everything is so incredibly cool. I told kyle next time he better not be so worried about me dying and focus more on the photo shoot.

Leslie said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful little sweetie. I'm glad that everything went well with the delivery and that your recovery is going well. Having a baby girl is so much fun!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

She is so sweet!! Im so glad it's been easier than you thought. Thanks for coming to the blessing, I know it's hard taking 2 kids anywhere! She is so cute and tiny! Every time story sees a picture of her he says "baby gorl!" she refuses to call her dani. She's baby girl.

Shanna & Brad said...

I'm so glad she's here safe and sound! Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable. You are going to have so much fun dressing her up all the time!

Jessie Eyre said...

She is SO SO SO gorgeous and I am so so so happy for you! Why do I cry with anything that has to do with babies?! Seriously.

Congrats on a healthy birth! Biggest hugs

Jess~ca said...

I am so having Sky film this next baby's birth--- I can't even really remember Shane's.. It's all a blur really!

Dani is such a pretty baby girl :) Congratulations again! I love the pictures of her all snuggled up on your neck, so sweet :)

Ashley said...

She is absolutely gorgeous, i'm so happy she is here healthy and happy.

You and your deliveries! You already know im pretty jealous, i'm crossing my fingers mine this time will be a little more like yours.

Such cute pictures i can't wait to see and hold her again.

Erinn and Ryan said...

Wow, congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Your description of Axel not being too interested sounds so familiar. Connor was way more interested in the green balloon he'd gotten in the lobby than in looking at his boring baby sister.

Sarah said...

Congrats - that was a great description of events. You'll be glad you kept it all written down later. She is such a sweet little thing and I'm glad you got to spend the whole week together.

Emily said...

Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful! I just love her sweet little face. And how newborns don't fit into their clothes yet! oh, I miss it! I just adore her. And what a great anniversary to spend it together!

LeRae said...

Congratulations! She is absolutly beautiful! I wish I was in Utah so I can meet her. What a perfect way to spend your anniversary~ Happy anniversary you two!

With lots of love!

Diana and Jon said...

Oh Amy and Kory she is soooooo beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!