Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feathering my Nest

Ashley threw Dani and I a fantastic baby shower.

If you ask her, she will tell you that she really didn't do much, but she really did, so don't let her fool you. She has been such a great friend and support through this pregnancy, and then on top of that she did this for me, I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend in my life that I know is looking out for me. I am a pretty lucky girl.

She let me help with it a bit, which I know a lot of people look down upon in the baby shower throwing world but in my defense it really helped me get excited for her so I was grateful that Ashley let me contribute a bit here and there. As hard as that was for her, she was a great sport about it. :)

I asked her to do a "nesting theme", because I had seen a really cute little girl room in blog land, and I loved every inch of it, it was probably the first thing that I saw in the decor world about little girls that I felt like I could see in my home and in my life. I know this sounds nuts but the boy stuff just comes so easy to me. This room was our inspiration. To me it was absolutely breath taking. So what I contributed to the shower was I made some stuff for her future nursery (still in the works) to also double as decor for the shower. (The little flowers are napkin rings that double as a broach, but the beads on them were Dani's Great Grandmothers. )

Kassie, my amazing and talented sister in law and graphic artist, made these DARLING invites. I loved them! They were perfect! Seriously if you are looking for someone to design an invite for you, she is your gal!

Kassie also made these ADORABLE banners to go on the gift table and buffet table.
Ashley put together all this delicious food! She made these darling nest egg cupcakes which were too cute to eat... almost, they were soooo yummmy, I had my fair share for sure.

Everything just came together nicely and I really did enjoy it and felt so loved and blessed to have them do this for me. I had a lot of support to from friends to neighbors to family. It was just the perfect shower, I couldn't have asked for more.

Some of the guests...

Oh I forgot to mention all the stinking cute clothes she got! My heavens this little girl is spoiled! The good thing is she no longer is going to be sporting all her big brothers hand me downs, and will be the cutest little thing ever! Thanks everyone!

When I got home I sorted washed and put away all her clothes, and picked out the perfect outfit for coming home...It was hard I packed two actually because I really don't know if it will be warm that day or not. You know Utah weather!

Pregnancy update
I went to the Dr to get checked, something I totally got to skip with Axel, so this was a first for me. The experience was just as I had expected, horribly painful and uncomfortable. But we did find out that I am dialated to a 1.5 almost 2 and 80 percent effaced. (Just a FYI, I had no idea what that meant, I have always thought it had to do with the direction she was in)

The Dr said that he is guessing I will deliver around or by 38 weeks. (That's a week and a couple days away, I'll be 37 weeks on Friday!) But we'll see, each day she gets heavier and heavier, and I am having a really hard time having energy or mobility to do much now. I am very excited but also anxious about this, I just want to get through the next few weeks so I know she is safe and sound.

Here is a family picture of us and a shot of my belly from last week. I stole this picture from my friend Jessica...


Kyle said...

I like that last picture of you guys.

It's a keeper.

KaSs MiLeS said...

i like that picture too. I really love how soft everything is for Dani's room. Its going to be really pretty. I'm excited you're getting so close!! any day now!

Kory said...

I really like mom's shirt in those pictures.

Jasper and Stephanie Stevenson said...

it was all super cute !

rain said...

Your shower was really cute. I should have brought Riley...sometimes I forget that she's old enough for those activities. You got so many cute outfits!

Jessie Eyre said...

You guys are such a handsomely gorgeous family. Nuff said.

Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

It all turned out so cute! I'm sad I couldn't make it. I will get your gift to you sometime in the near future. :) I love the picture of you guys!