Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun stuff

Are you ready for some pictures?

Last monday for a combined birthday party for my nephews Hinkley (3) and Liam (1) we went to Kangaroo Zoo.
Giving the Turtle Loves

Then we went to Maddy's first Soccer game, Axel had SOO much fun. I thought he was into the JAZZ game but not compared to how he reacted to watching Maddy play soccer. He kept yelling "GO GO GO GO MABBY (OR BABBY) GO!" He was soo excited. All the other kids thought he was pretty great too, and Mad's asked her mom if Axel could come to all her games to cheer GO GO GO for her because "it was just so darn cute!" We will have to go again...

For the first half of the game she was here defending her goal, she was WAY bored, and didn't really get the defending part. .

Then the coach wised up (probably after hearing my sister complain about not letting her play more) And let her play another position for the 2nd half, and she kept the ball by the other teams net the whole time! She just would book it down there, I can tell she will be a great soccer player. (and this was her first time playing too)

In her cute soccer get up after the game!
Remember when we had really nice weather for like 3 days? We didn't waste a minute of that beautiful sunshine. One of the days we took the dogs to the park for some Family/Date/picnic time.

How cute is Axel walking Zoe next to Kory? I've had a lot of kids attempt to walk our dogs before, none of them had as much success as Axel did, he did a great job, and the weird thing is Zoe lets him, she usually resists other kids. I bet she was just excited to out with us. I took a bunch of pictures of them walking but these are the only two where the dogs weren't marking their territory, kid you not they peed like every two feet.

Thanks to Kangaroo Zoo, Axel's slide courage has greatly improved. He chose to ride the biggest slide aka "wee" the entire time, all by himself.

But this kid is seriously afraid of the netted playground stuff, he has to crawl across it if he doesn't have my hand, or the side. (I still feel that way about bridges) but this also improved as he kept climbing up to go down the slide.

For family night we went to the Karl Bloch exibit at BYU (we went on a tuesday to avoid the FHE rush). The paintings were amazing but the crowd made me very very anxious. I was panicked the whole time. It was chaos, I was glad to leave. Axel did say "Jesus" when he saw the pictures of the Savior. That was cute. Kory was pretty proud.

We then headed down stairs and they had another great exhibit of war posters, which we found humerous, sad and very interesting politically.

Axel thought this one was FANTASTIC, he kept pointing and shaking his finger at him saying "NO NO NO" then laughing...

Then today was a big day for my side of the family, my brother in law Brian, (Hilary's husband) went though the temple for the first time! I offered to watch all the kids for my sister's so they could go. I just knew I wouldn't be up for a session being this big and uncomfortable, it's really hard for me, but why I thought watching 7 kids would be any easier I still don't know. :) But I think I had a lot of help from Angels or Heavenly Father, and I know my sisters who never get to go to the temple, appreciated it and understood.

Luckily for me I had ordered some Play dough Cookie Dough from a neighbor school cookie order and it arrived at our door the night before, so it kept all the older kids pretty busy, and then everyone enjoyed the cookie creations.

The artists at work. The two older girls convinced me to let them get started before anyone else, but soon the boys found out and had to join them.

Hinkley joined us for a total of 5 minutes but ended up just clumping all his colors together and then just eating the dough. I know ...sick...
These two boys just busily played together, I am glad they are getting to that point where they can play together. They are both pretty shy so they just kinda do their own thing, but I think they both appreciate the other respecting their personal bubble.
Oh and Axel got a hair cut this week, it's a lot shorter than we were wanting it to be, and it took me a little bit to get used to it, I think it aged him quite a bit, but he still looks cute. :) But I am sure he appreciates being able to see.

Even with all those kids this was the messiest Axel's room got, and they even all helped clean up when we were done (I had to of course use the cookies as a bribe for some, but a few of them knew the rules and did a great job cleaning up)

I was surprised by some of the creations, it was really fun. I suggest you get yourself some for a rainy day or for a day when you need to entertain oodles of children.


I of course had to make Axel a Basketball cookie :)

YUM! nothing like cookies for breakfast!
I only wish I would have taken a picture of all the kids mouths after eating these! It looked like they each swallowed a bottle of food coloring! It was bad. Your welcome moms!


Diana and Jon said...

That is so cool about Brian! I love the play dough cookie creations!

Jessie Eyre said...

I wish I had some of your creative blood. I'm always so impressed!

As for the diapers, I just get those boxes of like 180 Huggies diapers. Nothing too fancy...but for a great deal.

We've been having Garrett work on his potty training, too! He just thinks its funny to pee or poop right now so I'm not sure how ready he is yet....but we're trying! Let me know how the 3 day method works for you! BEST OF LUCK!

Shauna said...

Amy, you should be an elementary school teacher. You have such a talent with kid activities.

rain said...

I agree with Shauna. I think the idea of watching 7 kids while I was PREGNANT would make me want to cower in my bedroom for days before and after. Without getting any sleep between.
I like Axel's haircut.