Friday, January 25, 2008

Trolls for Children

Kory is convinced that if we had a baby it would look like a red headed little troll, that grunts instead of speaks. I am not sure where he gets that idea, because I think we were both pretty cute kids. Well at least until we hit the age of about 7. (We both hit the awkward age a little early). So I have posted a picture of me and a picture of him at about the same age. Take a look, you might agree with him or you might agree with me. However, I think we could make a pretty decent looking child because we were both pretty darn cute... So the child may have a really hard life from about 7 to about 20, but hey its worth a shot right?

This is a picture of Kory at about 2 or 3 I think. I am not sure exactly how old he is. His mom said he was a very serious child, but he looks like trouble to me.

This is a picture of Me. That red dress was my favorite, I remember twrilling it around in the gym after church. This was taken on my 3rd birthday.

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KaSs said...

yOu'll jUst hAvE tO trY It And sEE! ;0)