Friday, January 25, 2008

Thai Food FRENZY

So Kassie told me to add a new post to my blog, apperently its not interesting enough. ( jk kass, I have just been busy at work)

I decided to leave a little plug for my absolutely favorite Thai food place. Its called Bangkok Grill. It is on 800 south in Orem Utah, right next to Zurchers. I love the food there. We always order the same thing, the Masaman Curry and Pad Thai. They are yummy!

The store is a small mom and pop shop, and they have only two servers that work there. Kory and I began eating there when we were first dating, and we now eat there for all our special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries you name it. The night Kory proposed even, began at Bangkok Grill.

We understand that many people already have their set place to eat Thai food and no matter what they compare every Thai place to that place. This is ours and it holds a very special place in our heart.

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