Saturday, July 14, 2012


I just uploaded a whole slew of pictures from the start of the summer until as of late....Enjoy!
Memorial Day ~First Swim of the Season at grandma's pool with dad
Axel was really hesitant at first...
Dani was too, I was quite nervous that I would have to hold them both all the time in the water.
 Like always Story is such a ham!
 and Gauge is sure a tough crowd...
 Axel warmed up eventually that day after working with dad for a bit...few!
 Earlier this summer we had a play date with Kass and her kiddos at the splash park. I got a kick out of the girls matching suits, and so did Story. She loves baby Gurl.
The boys kinda matched too in their blue skull shorts :)  
 Me and my girl
 Axel just chillin
 We tried to get a picture of the girls in there suits but as you can tell by the time the flash went this girl was already on the move.
 Gauge trying to get baby girls attention

We have passes to 7 peaks and have been spending the occasional day there. Sometimes it is a nightmare, but sometimes we have fun. On this particular day we met up with Ash and her babies and as you can tell by the pictures we had quite the time :)

This girl....

These babies kill me, he is so chill and she is soo crazy! She has a thing for his hair, I mean who doesn't, he has great hair. But poor kid, hopefully this stage will end soon, and they can be friends. 

 Never were there better friends...
 Wave pool
 Blowing bubbles :)
 Who knows really... I think she was trying to blow bubbles and inhaled water...cause that looks like the face you would make.
 Just chillin with the girls, soaking up the sun
 Lazy river on the tube....
 It was quite the balancing act for Ash and I to help these boys on the tube, while holding two very nervous babies.
 Me and my kiddos, don't mind my white legs!

And last but not least... Swimming Lessons have begun and have been CRAZY busy this year. But Axel has been doing SO well in them, even with his momma as his teacher (which I was really worried about) But he already has been floating on his back with out his floaties, and will hold his breath and put his face in the water! (as seen below)

He has MAD jumping skills, and will jump in the water from the edge over and over without any help, and he doesn't panic when he goes under. He loves it infact! He LOVES doing "Superman" (of course) and for the most part is only somewhat disruptive in my class. Sometimes he tries to boss me 
 Dani is a little fish, she is fearless in the water, and really willing to do anything. Her favorite part about lessons is ring around the water. She sings "Ashes Ashes...blow bubbles!" all day long! It is pretty much the cutest thing. :)
 I love my little summer babes, I mean really who wouldn't! 


Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

SO cute! It looks like you guys are having such a fun summer! I sorry I am the flakiest ever. I wish Jared were doing lessons, but things have been crazy around here and we will be gone the last week of the month. Jared loved it though. You are such a good teacher. I'm hoping next summer will work out better. I am hoping to not have to work, which would be nice. I meant to comment on your yard post too. You guys are amazing and have been working SO hard! I can't believe all you guys have done this summer! How fun that you got the swing set and don't have to worry about your kids or friends kids getting hurt on the neighbors. ;) We need to go to seven peaks!

Jessie Eyre said...

First of all, that swimming suit (Amy) is adorable...secondly, your kiddos are adorable. We need to get to Seven Peaks one just seems too much of a BIG KID playplace to take my tiny ones. But you've proven to me that it can be done. And it looked FUN! You guys make everything seem fun. we need to hang out one day. :) Laughing. How many years have we been saying that?!