Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's still more time

Even though Christmas was over we decided there was still time do some of the things we hadn't done yet.

First I forgot to share this picture of baby girl. She literally fell asleep just sitting up. (This was Christmas afternoon) She skipped her morning nap because Christmas was just too much fun.

Taking pictures in the jammies we got for Christmas: 

Normally my kids would have opened them up Christmas eve, but it's a long story why they opened them up Christmas day instead.

Axel with his Robot jammies, and cool robot blankie from grandma
 I found these at old navy for super cheap, and Axel had like 3 pairs of skeleton jammies as a baby, so I was tickeled pink when I found a girl version for  Dani. (I know wrong holiday)
 Visiting Temple Square

  This was BEFORE Christmas but I forgot to post it in the last post, Axel LOVED SANTA, he sat on his lap for like 15 minutes hugging him and talking to him about robots, and all things Axel.
 Then this kid showed up and just started talking to Santa telling him what he wanted, I was trying to get a picture and he moved to the other side of Santa
Santa is telling him to get back in line. Ha ha

Some of our good friends from Georgia came over for dinner and we made gingerbread house/robots. 
I wanted to make the real deal, had it all perfect, then I put Santa on top and the whole thing crumbled! Just goes to show you folks, you must have a sure foundation, built upon Christ otherwise santa aka the devil will crush your dreams as seen here. (I may or may not have used that analogy for the FHE lesson. ha ha ha)

 Kory and Axel made Axel a robot (which he played with for DAYS) he even added it to his robot guys he takes to bed.
 Jess and Skyler thought they needed a break from shane and left him with Grandma, and only brought the new baby, sheesh! But she made it up to him by making him a robot too.
 Skyler made this house
 After feeling completely devastated that my house fell, I made a new one, with a much better foundation this time. Axel called this his Robot Factory!

A couple days after Dani became mobile!

And this is just a really funny video of my kids. Sometimes they love each other, other times they fight over toys.


Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

So many cute pictures of you guys. I love the one of you and Dani. You look so pretty! I love Axel's robot jammies and his ginger robot was awesome!!! I am glad you still found time for some things you wanted to do.

KaSs MiLeS said...

that was cute. there is nothing better than your kids laughing together. its my favorite sound.

Kelli said...

Felix only has Halloween pajamas if that makes you feel better. Halloween ones are the cutest anyway!