Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last week Kory took a day off, and not for any particular reason other than to spend it with me, and our babies. I really truly can not think of a time (holidays aside) he has EVER taken a day off to do something like this. He works so hard for our family. We are pretty lucky.

It was so weird to have a day where we just went and did stuff, and that we weren't giving up our Saturday to do so. The whole day I kept thinking it was in fact Saturday and was panicked I had so much to do before Sunday. (Blasted 9am chuch!)

We decided to go to the "Dino museum" aka the "Museum of Paleontology" at BYU, Yeah it is STILL around, and across the street from the stadium, fantastic, and FREE!  I remember walking there on field trips in elementary school and watching the employees clean bones, and being BORED out of my mind! But taking my kid there was soooo much better!!

The first dino we came to he said "This is a Halloween Dinosaur!" ha ha

 Axel just took it all in, at first he was a little nervous about the big dinos with sharp teeth, and just kinda walked around from display to display, but eventually he warmed up and we made it around 6 times, and he LOVED it, and we had to drag him out to leave.
 He was quite nervous about this guy, and wouldn't let us put him close to his teeth. 

 Axel and Dad

 He called this one "Tiny" (for those of you that watch Dinosaur TRAIN!")
 The GIANT sloth
 Axel thought it was pretty cool to be inside this one's tummy
 On like the 3rd time around Dani woke up and we put her up to the teeth and she LOVED it...
 Which of course gave Axel the courage to give it a try.
 Axel thought it was soo funny that he was a real dinosaur
 So did dad...This picture was Axel's idea...
 Baby Girl got tired of sitting in her stroller and decided she wanted to get down and explore as well. (Notice her on all 4!)
**We also made Dinosaur sandwiches for lunch to eat on the way to the museum.

After the museum we took the kids to see "Happy Feet Two". They both did really well and sat through the first half and we think they enjoyed it mostly, but then they both crashed and slept through the end. Ha! But it was cute movie, and a good way to end the day! I wish every day could be this fun! 


KaSs MiLeS said...

that looks fun. you're brave taking them both to a movie. no way would i ever dare take them to a museum and a movie.

Keri said...

I still remember going there as a kid! I'll have to take my kids there this summer.

Kelli said...

We'll go with you Keri! I was just thinking we'd have to take Felix. It looks way fun.

Jess~ca said...

FUN! Shane would love the Dinosaurs, he is really into Dinosaur train, so he would be in heaven :) Next time we are in Utah we will have to plan something fun, and we will bring Shane no matter what ;) He was pretty bummed about not getting to make the "gingerbread" houses!!

Jessie Eyre said...

Wyatt was sitting with me while looking at this post asking me the names of every single dinosaur. I think I did pretty well. :) But now we must go there. We were supposed to last week with preschool but, alas, we had boogers. Bleh. So now I'm even more determined to go there. You guys are inspiring in so many ways.... :)

rain said...

That does look like fun. I'll have to think about taking my kiddos, as well. I'm glad you got some special time with Kory and the kiddos.