Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It is time for a post.

I have a big Thanksgiving post but I wanted to share these fun videos of my kiddos from this week, because they're really funny. Well we think so at least!

Axel has gotten really good at hitting the ball with a bat. (Or in this case a wooden spoon) Can we say future racquetball champ!? This isn't a fluke either, Kelli will back me up, she was here the other night and he was hitting a ball with his bat too.

Now watch it a 2nd time and watch how spastic our big dog is to Kory. Yes she is like this all the time! Drives me crazy! 

Baby girl is such a weirdo these days! Who knows what she is doing here, but we think it is cute! She has been doing this a TON lately. We are just like WHAT?!


I think she is either dancing or trying to say hi.Who knows really, but it is freaking funny!


KaSs MiLeS said...

i'm really impressed with his motor skills! i'm not positive i could do that!
she really looks like she's going to break her neck!

Kory said...

Just to further brag, this was his first attempt at this also. He handed me the ball and told me to throw it to him. First try. Boom!

Jess~ca said...

awesome :) that takes some coordination!! & I can't believe how big baby girl is, the past 6 months have flown by! Can't wait to visit ya'll in a couple of weeks :)

rain said...

Those kids are pretty freaking cute.