Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween ~Part 2

I think it is fitting that I have two posts about Halloween since it turned into such a big production. I think it just comes with the territory of having kids though. Suddenly you want them to go do everything, from parties to trick or treating. You just do more than before.

First things first. Baby Girl's REAL costume.

We had this costume picked out for months, because she is always shoving her hands in her mouth, and Kory would always say to her "munch munch munch".  She became our little cookie monster.

So, after a rough patch of the blues, I decided I was in need of some much needed "me" time. So I made a date with my sewing machine and came up with her costume. I used the rest of the fabric from Axel's Pablo costume from last year. There was just enough too. The cookies and eyes and zipper cost me 2.50, so I would say not bad for a costume huh?

Originally her sleeves were supposed to go all the way passed her hands so it looked like she was eating cookies when she was sucking on her fingers. However, after I sewed the sleeves to the bodice, they were shorter than expected, and I was too lazy to do something about it. I still think it worked out though.

She was so obsessed with the cookie rattles I made that attached to the cookie applicae, she pretty much had them in her mouth the whole time.
 These last two pictures are really just because.... Baby girl really isn't herself with out puke coming from her pretty.
 This picture is exactly how she was feeling by the end of Halloween...more to come on that tho.
 I really liked how her costume turned out, and we got a lot of compliments on it. Although my niece story told me Dani was Pablo :)  I guess I shouldn't have used the same fabric.

Anderson Halloween~ or rather Kelli's Halloween Party

Kory's sister puts on a huge Halloween party for the family. She does a really good job, and it has become a really fun tradition. I have a lot of anxiety about it though because of the costumes. It is so much pressure to come up with something clever or funny or original, not that I really care, I could go as witch and be content. But Kory has the same requirements every year. That the costumes be 1) Original 2) Funny 3) Inexpensive or better Free  4) Can be thrown together easily.

Well that is one impossible task if you ask me. And I sit and stew about it all October. "What do you want to be?" is pretty much brought up at every dinner that month, and usually he wont make the decision until the day of the party. UGH just thinking about it stresses me out.

Last year we kinda had an excuse, I was on bedrest, and just me going to the party was probably more than I should have done. But this year I really had no excuse other than that we just are crazy busy, tired and broke.

But we finally figured it out (thanks to my friend Sarah, who helped inspire us) She suggested I go as Milk to go with Dani's cookies. I loved the idea, and I admit I probably could have done more, but I was happy with my tee shirt

Kory then decided he wanted to go with Axel's costume. But we had a hard time figuring out what "Goes" with robots. Then it hit me. Who do we know that walks talks and breaths robots, other than Axel? ...Jerome, Kory's brother in-law, that has built award winning Battlebots. So with the help of Kassie we were able to fulfill the above 4 requirements and just a few days shy of the party. But I don't have  a picture of us in our costumes :( I will post one when I can get one from Kelli.


Right after the Party we went to our ward Trunk or Treat, which was so nice to not have to dress up twice!

Axel loved carrying around his "Pumpkin Patch" to get his treats.
  Kory took Axel around to all the cars
 And Baby girl helped me pass out the candy. She swatted at every sucker I gave out! She is so grabby these days!

Our Family at the Trunk or Treat

Then on actual Halloween, it was such a nice day, I had to get the kids out to enjoy the weather. So we walked to what I thought was a near by park, but really was like 14 blocks away.

At first Axel rode in the stroller and Baby Girl in my wrap. But about half way, I felt like I was a pregnant lady again and had met my max capacity to walk while carrying an extra 20 lbs. So I made Axel walk and pick up leaves and look at the Halloween decorations and had Baby girl ride on the stroller the rest of the way. Then it was a breeze.

We had fun at the park, Axel and Dani both love the swings. 
 Axel is getting more and more brave at the playground. He usually crawls across this bridge there, but this day he jumped and jumped and jumped across it. I was pretty proud of him for being brave.

Dani loves the swing. At first I was just having her sit in her stroller while I pushed Axel, but then she started to yell at us, and was so excited to go in the swing. She is getting more and more vocal about what she wants these days.
The way home, Axel was beat, and I was tired and too hot to strap girl in the wrap. So this is what we came up with, and it totally worked, cause we're classy like that :) hmmm maybe it is time I decide what kind of double stroller to get. 

Stringtown Nightmare Express

That night we went to the train. We were really worried Axel would be scared, and there were parts on the ride where he was, but he really loved the train.
 While we were in line, each train that would go by he would say "My TRAIN! Come back! Come back!"
 My little Cookie monster
 Robot Axel and Kory
 He wold get so excited when the train would pull up, but so sad when it would drive away with out him. 
 Us on the train
 Axel was pretty nervous Kory said, Dani LOVED it she loved the music and the faces and was so excited each time we went under the tunnel.
Our Train stalled, I was glad it didn't stall at a scary part that would have freaked Axel out. 
 Like this Dragon, it was soo cool! It moved up and down like a flying dragon and literally came right up to your face. I was scared even.
 I think this picture is funny. That girl may or may not be related to us, but she takes her job seriously, they all do, I am so impressed with how well done this is every year. No wonder they got so many awards. AMAZING (There is talk that this is the last year, but we asked Saundra and she said they are still deciding, but that the Christmas one is no longer happening. :( So I am really glad we went, even if it will be the last time.)
 This year they had a photo spot where you could take pictures of your family on the train. Clever clever.  

After the train, we went to my sister's house to trick or treat with her kids, and show my parents there costumes. Hilary and her husband went all out this year and served 'Halloweenies' and hot chocolate to trick or treaters and neighbors under their car port. They decorated and everything, such a fun idea!

This is the only picture we took there because Baby Girl was so not happy. She wanted to eat real food with the rest of us, and was irate that we were not sharing.
We eventually ended up blending up oatmeal and feeding it to her and she warmed up. Funny girl, turns out I can't leave the house at dinner time with out her cereal, I certainly learned my lesson.

We had a fun Halloween. Axel loved it and loves having his own little "pumpkin patch" candy stash. Don't worry it is well regulated. :)


KaSs MiLeS said...

wow, i thought our halloween was crazy busy!! yours was pretty intense! i hate how its turned into this week and half long event. too much sugar for kids!! i really loved your guy's costumes. dani makes a beautiful cookie monster and axel made a great robot. i thought the milk was really clever. The only thing with kory's costume was that he needed to smile for pictures more, jerome always does. :)

Kelli said...

Seriously, that's a lot of Halloween. I didn't know this may be the last year. I figured Felix wouldn't really care until maybe next year, so i didn't bother. Lucky that your trunk or treat was in the light, ours was at night and it kinda sucked...

Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

I love your costumes! I have no talent when it comes to stuff like that, so it's cool to see what you can do. And WOW! Dani has THE most beautiful eyes! Seriously, you guys made some cute kids. Good work ;)

rain said...

That really IS a lot of Halloween. I loved Dani's costume. You and her were pretty cute together, I thought. And I can't believe how much Dani and Axel look alike. They're like little twins in those pictures.

Jessie Eyre said...

First off, that Train ride was one of my FAVORITE things about Christmas last year.......I hope we'll be able to do it again. Do you know how we can get the "invite" to do it again?!

Secondly, if there's one super power I wish for that you have its CREATING things. Both of you. I can throw together any cheeseless dish in the world, but when it comes to sewing or building or rebuilding....I may as well just fold my arms and pout. That's kind of what happens anyway. :)

I'm always totally impressed by you Anderson lovers.

LeRae said...

So fun! I wish they had halloween here... Your kids have the prettiest eyes! And look at Dani's long long eyelashes!
So pretty!!

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