Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a few things

I love my boy, he is quite unique, and to be quite honest, I can not even fathom loving anyone more than I love him. (I know I know, somehow you just do) But each day he fills my day with so much joy, it goes by so fast tho, I feel like it was yesterday that he was in my tummy. It just went by so fast...

Here are a couple stories I wanted to share, before they get lost in my mommy brain forever...

Anyway, yesterday I was tending my neighbors 3 kids.

Some background a little, in Axel's room I have a toy bin, and each drawer has different things in them.
The top has stuffed animals, the middle has bigger random toys, and the bottom has 5 buckets with links, blocks, cars, balls, and rattles in them. (I did this so we could find all his basketballs, since that really is the only toys he plays with regularly)

The idea of the buckets (in a perfect world) is that they can take one bucket out at a time, play with it and put it back in exchange for a new one.

So the oldest neighbor girl, opened the drawer and proceeded to take them ALL out. Axel saw this and started shouting "HEY HEY HEY" and walked over to her and began putting them all back in his drawer, and closed his drawer shut. He does share, but we have rules at our house, he was just enforcing them :)
Later that night, Axel was playing with his toys in his room before bedtime, and he saw a stuffed animal on the floor, to which he said "Ah OH" he went over picked it up, opened the top drawer, put it in and closed it. I WAS SO PROUD!

Each night before dinner we pray, we try really hard to get Axel to say Amen by emphasizing it at the end (not really an unrealistic task since he says things like "Er you go mama" and "basketball" But for whatever reason he just did not get it.

Well on this particular night, I was particularly exhausted, and we just said our prayer normal, no loud amen, or prompting him to fold his arms. (What can I say, we are not perfect parents ALL the time :) ) We then proceeded to dish up our plate.

Then Kory looks over at Axel and sees him head bowed, eyes squinting and fumbling with his hands over his tummy, and says "What are you doing buddy?"

To which Axel lifts his head up throws his hands in the air and replied "MEN A MEN"

Just when you think they are not listening :)

Another night we were going through animals sounds

Axel what does an Elephant say? "BRRRRR"
What does a Bear say? "RARRR"
What does a Lion say? "RARRR"
What does the Fishy say? "pop pop pop" (imagine your lips popping)

What does daddy say?
Small pause "AHHHHHHH!" (imagine high pitch scream of a girl)

What does Mommy say?
"ummph" (imagine a low grunt of exhaustion)
Anyway my point to these stories, and what I realized this week is how much our actions, and attitudes influence our children, even at such a young age. They pick up on sooo much, good traits, AND bad traits. Right now our family is in a good place, we have things more organized, I am not nearly as sick as I used to be, and things are just easier. It seems like even my calling is more doable. (something I really thought was not possible, since it has been really hard)

We are finally seeing some of the reward to all of our hard work, not that hard work has to be rewarded but it's kinda nice when you do. One day I will get to post all the exciting changes and additions to our home. We have some finishing touches to do before we can post about it. But until then we are doing pretty good. Kory said last night that this is our year of fruition. To which I said "What does that mean?" and he said the year all the hard work is coming to fruit. I couldn't agree more.


KaSs MiLeS said...

Can we get axel to teach story to clean up? I say the words "put your toys away" and I get a huge fit thrown and usually a bonked head. It's just not worth it when I'm huge and can't fight her.
It's funny how you think they aren't listening and you do one thing out of order and they correct you!

Shauna said...

He has a face that melts you! I am so excited you are having a girl! And that I was right. :)

Jess~ca said...

That is so sweet, it makes me want to really start writing things down about how Shane is now...... I love those stories, he will love to hear them when he is older :)

rain said...

I love that prayer story. So cute.

Our EyreLife said...

That's hilarious! Both of my boys grunt in frustration all the time just like I do. They are so fun. Boys are the best. But I'm sure your little girly will be a mini-you.

Can you believe you're going to have TWO kids?! The other night I said to Wy, "Did you know your dad and I MADE YOU!?" Wy got this look on his face like, "Say what?!" and then he said, "Out of paper?" Laughing. They are so fun.