Monday, September 20, 2010

The rest

My family always teases me, because when I grew up my birthday was spread over a bunch of days and I grew accustomed to having a "birthday week."

It wasn't intentional that we did the same for Axel, it just happened that way.

Here are the pictures from the rest of the party that I took. They are all just pictures of him scarfing his face full of cake. :)

The birthday hat I forgot to have him wear until the end :) But it made a cute table decoration :) mmm cake pop!

Then on his Actual birthday we decided we would try to do the birthday cake again with just our small family and a candle, and a cake that was a bit more messy (and sugar free).
This is after he attempted to grap the candle and I screamed, and kory grabbed his hand, and he cried. He was pretty upset about it...
But cheered up eventually.

The next day was Sunday, so we decided we would take him to the Provo Temple for the first time to see the fountains for his birthday. Which he loved! But there were sooo many missionaries there! It was nuts, and they all got a kick out of him in his church clothes, they were taking pictures of him constantly.

He loved the fountain.

In my attempt to get this (above) shot for his bedroom, this missionary (below) kept standing in the way...
And then this guy joined in...
...and then this big group of people
and this guy, full on bends down and poses with him. What the heck? Missionaries are so weird.
and don't forget the guy in the back ground taking a picture of them taking a picture.

Like I said...missionaries are weird. But Kory and I got a big laugh about it on the way home, and I am glad I was sort of able to crop them out of at least one. But it is kind of weird to think that somewhere out there, these missionaries have photo's of him and will forever have them with all their missionary pictures, that they will show to family and friends. You know? I will give a dollar to the first person that can track one of these photos down!

Axel was pretty much spoiled when it came to presents tho. (no pictures) But even after the party he had friends dropping presents off all week! He was given so many books, videos, cars, and clothes. Sheesh this boy sure is loved!

As exhausting as this week seems to everyone else, I loved every minute. It helped me embrace the idea that my baby is no longer that teeny tiny baby. But is growing into a fun handsome little boy. And I think I am ok with that.

But we had a great week and it was fun to have it all spread out, intentional or not :)

hmmmm I may just continue this tradition after all :)


Welcome said...

Amy what a beautiful family you have there! Miss you~~~

Sarah said...

Those are some great photos - Missionaries are definitely weird!! The ones of you and Axel and Kory and Axel are really good. Your Birthday should be all week - that's the best way to do it!

rain said...

Those really are great pics. I have been continually trying to move my birthday into a week long production. But now with Syd's birthday the day after, hers is more a priority. And Jeff has been screwed over for a while now with Riley and Cole's birthdays right after his. So we have to enjoy only a day birthday. Man, kids ruin all my plans. ;)

KaSs MiLeS said...

i love those pictures. he looks so cute in his church clothes!!

Diana and Jon said...

I love those pictures! You and your family are beautiful. Thanks again for taking us to the airport. It was great to see you and Axel once more before we left.

Kyle said...

I love his old man semi-Hawaiian tie. He looks like a ward clerk or something.

Jess~ca said...

I love those photos by the Temple! And what a great idea to take one of him and the temple for his room! SO great :) he really is adorable!

p.s. YES I did get the car, it is awesome *LOVE it*

darcie said...

handsome handsome handsome.