Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A while ago someone gave us a BALLOON, I think it was Macey's Grocery store. Ever since Axel has been OBSESSED with balloons and bouncy balls. I know, I know most kids love balloons, I am serious when I say obsessed tho, I am talking takes it with him everywhere he goes obsessed. So to prove my point I will have to show what I mean...
This balloon came home with Nicolas but soon Axel became obsessed. If you notice in this picture his cheeks are a little red well..

At the first of April, Axel caught a slight cold, nothing big, just a little congestion, well the cold then spread to his ears, and he got an ear infection, which had to be treated with antibiotics.

Which at first he was sooo good about taking the 7ml twice a day. (doesn't that seem like a lot for a small baby when the baby tylenol is not even 1 ml?) But day 4 hit and he was DONE! It was a battle every time we tried to give him some, and he ruined lots and lots of his clothes.

He was so stubborn about it, we tried all sorts of tricks, from putting it in a different container, to blowing a little air in his face to get him to swallow. But he quickley caught on and would learn our trick and retaliate the next time. One time he closed up his throat and then spit it all out and it got in his eye! It was horrible. And his poo was bright pink from the stuff, and lets just say it was a miserable 10 days for all.
But then when we got to day 9, a rash appeared, so we went from giving him antibiotics to Benedryll, which he didn't mind as bad but still not fun. And he had that for like 4 days, Then when his rash cleared up after a few days, he got a fever of 102, while we were visiting my grandmother because his two upper teeth decided to come through.
See those two little teeth on top?!

AND after all that he finally got what we thought was ringworm on his leg, (not an actual worm but a fungus) so we had to treat him with an anti fungal cream but it ended up being another reaction to the antibiotics. (Again sorry Kelli and Kyle for accusing your cat of giving it to him, the nurse on the phone was certain it came from a kitty, we were just being cautious...)

It was a crappy couple of weeks for us. Did I mention we were in Idaho visiting my grandmother for the end of all this? Traveling with a sick baby is NOT fun and I learned my lesson.

More on that trip another time.

Then at the end of the month we found out our good friends the Flygares were moving across the country to Georgia in a week! It was hard to find time to get together, because they were busy moving and we were busy on our basement, but we finally got together with our families the night before they left. (Notice the balloon in Axel's hand in every picture, he WOULD NOT share with Shane.)
Shane tried to play too, and Axel was ticked!After that he kept that balloon by his side.
The "babes"
The "boys"
Flygare and Anderson FamiliesHe even fell asleep with it on the way home and he had a firm grasp around it. No one was getting that balloon.
Then it was Mother's day week, and my mom wanted to get together for lunch a few days before. (She was going to be out of town visiting her mom) so we got together and had a really nice lunch in the park in honor of my mom and us mom's. It was last minute but I tried to make it look nice, but the decorations ended up being too light and kept knocking over. Again, everywhere that Axel went the balloon was sure to go

I meant to take more pictures, but I didn't. But it was fun and we had a really nice time.
After all of that the BEST part about his fascination with Balloons is that Axel says "BALL" now and he means ball or balloon. He has been saying Ba Ba for a long time, and it was just something to say, but now he says BALL whenever he sees a ball or a balloon and its out of his reach. And he will say it over and over again until he gets it. It is really cute, even at 6 in the morning and he sees it and decides he would rather get the "BA" then go back to sleep, it's really adorable, and I couldn't be more proud. His eyes light up whenever he sees one and it is pretty fantastic. We laugh every time, which I think just reinforces it.

Ever since we have been filling our house with balloons and all sorts of sports and bouncy balls (I had to be really careful how I phrased that because I didn't want to leave it open for ridicule........kyle)


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I appreciate the public announcement that the ring worm did not originate from our cat :) She is quite healthy and clean. That picture of Axel on the tile, I swore it was an old picture of Kory.

Kyle said...

I find that sporty balls are much too musty.

Also, I wanted to also thank you for restoring the good name to our kitten, Alley. But your fears were quite warranted, as she was very sick, and pretty much disgusting at the time.

KaSs MiLeS said...

he is so brave. everytime we would get story a balloon she would cry and cry until we got it away from her. she was afraid of balls until recently too, now she is obsessed and everything round is a "basketball"
he is so cute with his balloon. tell him sorry that story tries to steal it sometimes.

Ashley said...

Ashdon loses interest in balloons so fast, along with everything else.
I think your right about his fascination its so cute he held that Roberts balloon almost the entire 2 hours i was there the other day.

Sarah said...

That is so funny - he is so adorable! At least we know what to get him for his birthday! I'm sad your friends are moving away - I hope it's not for a long time!

rain said...

He's such a cutie! I swear he looks exactly like the pictures I've seen of Kory as a baby. And I have never seen a kid so obsessed with balloons. Riley was close, but after a while she'd freak out that they didn't continue to stay up by themselves. :)