Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ah mothers day

Mother's day was very nice this year. Kory made sure I had a lot of time to relax, and made sure we did everything I wanted to do. He made it all about me. From the food we ate to the activities during the day. It was a great day.

The day started out with Axel saying another word! DA DA ( we have been trying to get him to say this word for a very long time) Don't worry he already says Ma Ma.

Kory is always really helpful with Axel anyway, he is busy, but still a very hands on dad, and very involved. But on this particular day he was even MORE helpful, and took on all the responsibility so I could relax. He got him ready for church, and got up early with him, and got him ready for our park trip, and just found a way to be more helpful so I could enjoy the day.

Church was really nice, our ward did a good job balancing the talks on Mother's. They had an older sister in the Ward give a talk, who has never been married, and never had children and it was really good. She had a really good perspective on it all. (I don't know if anyone remembers my post from a few years ago where I complained about church on Mother's Day, this talk would have been nice that day.) But I know there are a lot of ladies out there who feel that way on Mother's day, and it is a hard place to be in. I've been there I know. But she had a great attitude about it and I really enjoyed her talk. We also got flowers, which I already killed,

After church we went for a picnic in the park with Kassie, Jerome and Story. It was fun to hang out with them. Something we never get to do it seems because we are too busy all the time, and since both of our Mama's were out of town, it just didn't feel right to just do nothing, and I LOVE Picnics.

Axel and Story had fun playing together, or rather fighting over the ball, and Story's monkey backpack, Axel thought it was the funniest thing on her back, he would look at her and just laugh and laugh. Like "HEY, did you know you have a monkey on your back!"
After that we came home and took a LONG nap, all three of us. Something I love about Axel is that if we nap so will he as long as it is with us. He is truly Kory's kid.

Then Kory made me Steaks, and I helped with the sides (watermelon, potatoes, rolls) It was delicious. And even though he felt bad for not doing it all, having him do that Steak part and entertain Axel was super helpful and I really enjoyed spending the time together as a family. ( I am not really a sidelines do things for me type of gal, I am the go go go and do do do type, a trait I proudly inherited from my mother, who inherited it from her mother. (I think this is hard for Kory sometimes because I just like to know everything and be involved in everything.)

Anyway, back to the day, after dinner was followed by a family craft project (also something I totally loved) Which was totally Kory's idea, and it was fun. (even though most of the other members of our family were not cooperative. It was a hand print project. But it was still fun for me and it was really thoughtful of Kory, I thought.

Then it was present time! Kory and Axel wrote me a beautiful card and gave me a wonderful gift I get to go get myself pampered and have my hair done. Which I am doing today so I will post pictures a little later. I am not doing anything drastic, but it is MUCH over due.

We then played games and went to bed. All in all, a very good day. I am sure grateful that I have these boys in my life!


Keri said...

I can't believe you waited until the end of the day to open presents!
I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, but I can't get over how much Axel looks like Kory!
And I love both those family pictures.

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great day - good job Kory!
The family photos are really special! :)

KaSs MiLeS said...

i'm glad he made the day special for you. we had fun at the park with you guys. Even though they fight now i'm sure they will be best buddies once axel can get up and run around with Story. He is such a cute little boy!

rain said...

I love your family pictures, too. Glad your Mother's day was a good one. I think we all need more "Mother's Days". Or, we need more presents, anyway.

Kory said...

I don't get tired of hearing that.

Ashley said...

Looked like such a fun day! Such cute pictures. Can't wait to see your new hairdo.

Jessie Eyre said...

I didn't know Kory was such a sweetie pie! Seriously impressed. I got handed the baby because and told it was "MOM'S DAY" to take care of him. :)

Only kidding.

Garrett is totally opposite with his parental vocabulary. He says Dada all the time but only Mama when he's frustrated. He just needs me more when he's distraught, I suppose.

Anyway, that Axel of yours is outtathisworld adorable. When can he meet his long lost best friend?