Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love this so much...

In case you all didn't see it on Facebook. Sorry for the poor quality, if you want to see it in better quality check it out on my Facebook profile. Isn't he so stinking cute!


This second video is showing his mad sitting up skills. I am proud :) (Please note: the object of his affection is yet again his caterpillar, I promise he has other toys, but this seems to be the one he is most fond of )



rain said...

Such a cutie! But sad about his cough. :( He's getting way too big, too fast.

KaSs MiLeS said...

he is so cute! i can't believe how big he has gotten, i must not have seen him for a really long time. i was so impressed with all his new skills yesterday!
i hope he doesn't grow up hating that big stinky girl that comes over on thursdays and plays with his toys.

Jess~ca said...

I watched the video with Shane and he was LAUGHING right along with Axel, it was so dang cute!