Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running through the sprinklers

So, at the start of the the summer we turned on our sprinklers and discovered we had a leak, and not just a small leak but a humongous, filled the whole sidewalk with water in a matter of seconds, kind of leak. Because we were strapped for time this summer, and the fact that it rained everyday until July, we opted to put off tackling that task until we had a bit more time. And at a glance it looked like the leak was coming from UNDER the sidewalk, and we didn't anticipate it being an easy fix.

So, the day came we had a little bit of time and Kory went outside and dug up where we anticipated the said leak. Well, we looked and looked and looked and could not find a single crack anywhere. We were puzzled.

So he moved down a bit and dug up a little more, and what did he find? The pipe had COMPLETELY detached itself from the joint, and water was just pouring out. The guy we bought our house from just stuck the two pieces together without gluing or sanding, so when the water turned on the pressure just pops it out and the flooding occurs.

We were relieved at first but frustrated that he did such a crappy job. But hey at least we didn't have to replace the pipes right?

Kory ran down to home depot got himself some glue and did a little sandpaper and gluing and we were back in business. Or so we thought....

Well, the joint Kory glued worked like a charm and held up perfectly. But now the pressure moved on down the line, and what do you know, our sidewalk began to flood again. So we dug yet another hole in our grass and found another awesomely non glued piece of pipe that was spewing water. Are you seeing a pattern?

It wasn't by chance that these two pipes were leaking. Every time we fix one the next one down the line pops off, and Kory has to dig it up again. It's great. We are hoping we wont have to dig up our entire system. We are just so glad the guy we bought our house from was such a HANDYMAN and chose to do everything himself. Sheesh!

On a happier note, Kory set up our sprinklers to a timer! And if you don't have one of those set up, you should look into it. Its the greatest thing to not have to go out and turn your water on and switch it every half hour. I highly suggest the investment.

Speaking of yard work, we have some GREAT landscaping rocks up for grabs. So great, people keep asking us for them, but no one comes and gets them. So if you are wanting these rocks they are all yours! Come and get them! We need to get them moved so we can plant grass under them. (and no we will not deliver them to your house for you, if we wanted to move them ourselves we would just take them to the dump)


Kyle said...

I'm pretty excited that you guys got that all done. I'm amazed your grass came back from the brink of extinction, honestly, and that it looks so lush.

Melonius said...

oh. my. goodness.
that must be why you were at home depot.

rain said...

Hey, is there any way you could bring those rocks to our house? I'd love to use them.

(Totally kidding. :)

I'm always SO glad that Jeff can fix stuff, cause I can't. At all. It's so nice to be married to an actual handyman. Don't you think?

KaSs MiLeS said...

we have yet to fix our sprinklers, because the digging is such a chore. we have to dig several feet to move our sprinklers. we'd like our whole lawn watered, not just half.

Our EyreLife said...

Its amazing how when you WANT YOUR WATER TO BREAK it breaks in the wrong place...laughing. I hope you got that. :)

Sounds like you guys are quite the fix-er-up-ers! Always love your posts...and always love you comments on our blog! Big hugs!

KaSs MiLeS said...

lets see some pictures of that baby!!

Baileys said...

Our sprinklers break every year and not just once. It's pretty much an all summer process.