Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

Kassie and I got together this weekend and made these baby bags. It took us a long time, and we ended up skipping a couple of the steps for the sake of sanity, but when they were finished we were proud of ourselves. At the same time it made me sad that our project was done, and now I want to move on to more projects. It is so much fun sewing together. (we will have to get together again soon) We spent both Friday and Saturday working on them.

Then on Sunday I worked on this Changing pad clutch. I can't wait to use it when my little guy arrives. I know it is somewhat feminine for a BOY but he is not the one who is going to be carrying it, I will be. It is green and blue? And I told Kory that if he thinks its too girly for him to carry, we can get him a super macho baby punk bag for him to tote around too, you know with studs, safety pins and patches :)

Speaking of Kory, while I ditched Kory all day Saturday to work on the bags with his sister, he worked super hard on our back yard. We had this GINORMOUS green bush that was right smack in our back yard, and probably was overgrown about 20 feet, kid you not. And he worked all day to chop that down in the blistering sun all by himself. Not only that about a month ago we worked on our back yard together to cut back/down some of our trees and I was no help at all. I had to sit down like every half hour because my feet would hurt or my back would from bending over. I feel bad that I am not much help when it comes to hard labor these days. Especially at a time when we really need things to cruise by quickly. If anything gets done on our house or yard it is because Kory is the one working long hours to get it done. I am grateful for all his hard work, he is so great.

But take a look at the before and after picture or our yard.



I have been thinking a lot about this pregnancy and how quickly it has gone by. Maybe its because it is over the summer, and lets face it, summer is just not long enough and by the time it gets here it is already over. I know I still have 11.5 weeks left, but seriously I feel like I should have 20. I am just not ready! I mean, a part of me is because I am dying to see this little guy, and hold him and kiss him, but at the same time I have all these worries. Parenting is probably a lot harder than I can imagine. And I feel somewhat in a chaos mode right now. This is a HUGE transition for us. I am sure I will be whistling a whole new tune come September and will just be dying to get him out! Or maybe once I have my shower I will feel a bit more prepared and can start planning and preparing and making space for all his stuff. But I just feel like this pregnancy, like the rest of my life it seems, goes by too quickly with not much air. Perhaps I am too busy and need to take some time to relax and rejuvenate.

Speaking of baby showers, my baby shower is going to be Saturday Aug 1, so save the date.
I am getting my baby shower list together and if you would like an invite to my shower shoot me an email and I will for sure send you one, or leave me a comment on here.

Our 4th of July was great, we went to a BBQ on Saturday at Kory's parents house and then one at my parents house on Sunday. (No pictures at either event sorry) Lots of good food and family tho.
Other than that it didn't feel too much like the 4th of July to me. No camping out for the parade, or freedom festival, or even watching the HUGE fireworks on blankets at the temple grounds.

But we did have to deal with the crappy Stadium of Fire traffic. And our neighbors doing crazy big illegal fireworks until 1 am! I almost called the cops, not because I am that crazy neighbor who hates those, because I could care less, but because every time they let one off, it would make a HUGE POP sound and it would send our dogs in to a frantic panic, and I was done trying to deal with that at 12 am, so for them to keep letting them off until 1 am was pure ridiculousness. (Is that even a word)


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I wouldn't feel bad about not being much of a help in the yard. I totally am not and I am perfectly capable. I even pull up a camping chair and sit and watch Kyle do yard work.

KaSs MiLeS said...

your clutch turned out so cute! i love it! good job.
i am with you on the everything is going by too fast! i feel like i haven't had time for air either. it gets way worse when you stick a kid into the mix. then you really have zero time. can't wait for your shower. i've put a lot of thought into your gift. :)
good job to kory with those monsterous weeds! jerome just dejunked the side of our house and it feels so good! our little neighbor ducks are glad too. they come over and visit all the time.

Emily said...

Good work Kory!
Amy, you are so talented. I wish I had some of those skillz.

Annie said...

Amy you need to teach me how to sew! And count me in on that baby shower. Email me at annekshirley@gmail.com and I will let you know what my address is. Thanks for you and Kory's words of encouragement, they are much appreciated. You two are great. Can't wait for your little guy....I never felt really ready for Brighton, she just came and it worked out.

darcie said...

i would like to come to your shower amy. what time is it at? i'm throwing a shower that day too. :(

Melonius said...

Love your bag and changing pad. I think the colors are great, it doesn't scream "baby"

Sarah said...

You're yard is looking great and I really love that clutch - I want one and I don't even need it :)
Shouldn't someone else be doing all the hard work for your shower? We should all be helping you since you always help with everyone elses showers. Let me know what I can do to help!

Our EyreLife said...

I love that you look like a black woman...so tan!!! I also love the comments you and Kory make on our blog. I am really beefing up my diet with peas...thanks to your advice! :)

Can you believe the number of days until our wee boys come is in the double digits now?! Crazy. Sometimes I just check your blog for the countdown...since we're so close in due dates. :)

Big hugs!

Shanna said...

Your diaper bag and clutch turned out so cute! I'm amazed at your creativity. I would love to come to your shower. I want to see you while you're still pregnant!

rain said...

Count me in for the shower! Also, I love your bag and clutch. And good job to Kory for the yard work. When I was pregnant, I STILL had to do all the yard stuff. Luckily it wasn't overly hard, but mowing and weeding and cutting back foliage is just...sweaty work. So don't feel bad about needing to take breaks. Also, it's only a bazillion degrees hotter in the summer when you're preggers.
Hmmm...I don't know what to say about not being ready for your little one to be here, now. I don't think I had a second when I wasn't ready to be un-pregnant. So, good for you on staying positive. That's how I'm thinking of it. :)

Kyle said...

I'm having a hard time understanding those before and after pictures.

Did he use the underbrush to build a shanty?

Kat Clark said...

I love how you still become a native person in the summer. Some things just shouldn't change. :)

etta said...

i would love to come to your baby shower! lets hope this baby allows that:)
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Provo 84606