Sunday, July 12, 2009

29 weeks?!

29 weeks down 11 weeks to go! I have said this before but I feel like it has zoomed by!
However, it seems those around me feel otherwise.

For example, today at church a member of the bishopric came up to me and asked...

Member of the bishopric: So how close are you to having this baby?

Me: "I have 11 more weeks"

"REALLY!??" Staring straight at my belly, eyes wide in disbelief, "I thought you were almost done!"

Me: Smile, and blush and say "yeah I know I am huge"

So I shrug it off and assume that maybe its because he is older or because he is male. But then after church Kory told me that a woman in our ward approached him with the same question and the same shock and disbelief followed when she found out I still have a WHOLE trimester to go.

I feel huge, but I have felt pretty big the whole time but now people around me are starting to recognize that I am huge. One thing that I always assumed would be the case when I got pregnant is that I would carry it way out because I have an extremely short torso. Both my sisters were the same way.

But even knowing that this day would come, sometimes when I walk past the mirror and I get a glance of myself, and am completely surprised because it just isn't me. Has anyone else felt that way? Lately I think to myself will I ever feel like this is MY body again? Or do you eventually get so used to having the basketball tummy that when you aren't pregnant anymore you feel strange?


One of the VERY first things Kory and I purchased for our house was a garbage disposal, because our house bless its heart, didn't come with that commodity. At the time we thought surely you can not function in a kitchen without one, it just isn't possible.

But because our house wasn't actually wired for a disposal in the kitchen we didn't realize how hard it would be to install it and deal with the insanely crappy electrical (Side note, we were told our electrical had all been updated when we moved in). We estimated that we would get to our kitchen remodel sooner then we have, and we thought we could tough it out until we got to our kitchen.

So our disposal sat in its box under our sink for over a year and a half. But surprisingly we survived. We did a lot of scraping food in our garbage old school style. It wasn't pleasant or convenient, by any means, but we survived. It is not my first choice of course. And I am pretty sure we are the only people we know who don't have one. But we survived

Well yesterday, that all changed.

Kory went to work and figured out a way that we could install it without really having to remodel and pull out all the cabinets and counter top and backsplash. It was still quite a job, but he got it done and by last night after dinner I got to use my garbage disposal! It makes me want to do my dishes just so I can use it! I am going to buy an orange tomorrow or lemon and put it to the real test, and so my kitchen will be filled with the aroma of citrusy goodness!

I know people think I am strange for posting such simple things such as toilets flushing and a running garbage disposal, but in my defense, until you know what it is like to go without these simple things, you really can't judge, and you would want to document the occasion too.


Melonius said...

In Boston they won't let builders put garbage disposals in when they build houses. So we didn't have one for three years.

rain said...

It takes a while for you to feel like your body is your own after you give birth. And of course, you add more time if you breast-feed. Some women love know my personal opinion. But, unless you live in Hollywood, don't be surprised when/if you don't feel 100% you after four weeks of "new mommyhood". I remember Shauna told me after I had Riley that she didn't feel normal until after a year. That put everything in a much more acceptable perspective.

rain said...

And you look super cute.

Wendy said...

I'm excited for you and your baby! And I'm not the one prego, but it does seem to be flying by for me as well. However, I can relate to the no garbage disposal as I too do not have one. So I am extremely happy for you for that reason cuz I know how bad it sucks to do the garbage scoop.

KaSs MiLeS said...

at first it was really weird to not have Story in my tummy anymore, i felt kind of alone and naked, but you get used to it and really enjoy having your body back. its nice to be able to roll over and lay on your stomach without worrying about hurting your baby.
Congrats on the garbage disposal!! We went without one for a year and half too. its been nice to have, hard to get used to it, i throw stuff in the garbage can still.

etta said...

yeah, i get people staring at me all the time..actually i walked out of the grocery store a few days ago and this lady, very loudly, said "WOAH!"..i turned and yes she was staring at me with her mouth wide open and she had stopped in her tracks to watch me walk all the way to my car (because when i got in she was still looking at me) dont you love tactful ppl.

Kat Clark said...

I hate when people ask you when you are due and gasp when you give them the answer! It is sooooo rude and you would think they would have learned that there really isn't a more sensitive, hormonal person in the world than a pregnant woman! DUDE! SERIOUSLY! BTW, you don't look huge and I am not just saying that. I wouldn't say it if it weren't true. You look great. Keep up the good baby growing. One last thing, sorry this is so long, I have been adjusting to the way I look in the mirror post baby way more. I don't know why but it's just so weird to walk past and not see a huge gut hanging out there and it's been 3 months!