Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We had a fantastic Easter!
A 5k Egg Hunt
A week or two before Easter our stake did an Easter Egg Hunt 5k. I had every intention of getting up and running the 5k...but then I slept in. So we just got up and went to the breakfast, and did the Easter Egg hunt, and Axel did the kids 5k.

He was SO funny he got on all fours in a good running stance and when they said go, ran his little heart out, even though he was in jammies and snow boots! But then the race went around the play ground and decided he was done with the race, and just wanted to play

He and Dani both loved getting their little eggs in the hunt. :)

Didn't even wait for the hunt to be over to start digging in....

Then we played on the playground. Axel was a bit worried the other kids were going to get his basket, so he finished his candy off, just in case.

We gave Axel Dani's candy, she was just happy to have the egg, and carried it with her on the playground. She loves the swings and slide!


Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt

A couple of days before Easter we had the neighborhood over for a picnic/ Easter Egg hunt.
Everyone brought a sack lunch and Easter eggs to add to the hunt. 

We had a really good turn out, it was super fun! It was nice because everyone just did their own part. I wasn't up for doing a big production, because I was in the middle of the planner orders, so it was just perfect.

Axel had SO much fun and enjoyed playing with all his friends and eating most of the candy all that same day. I tried to put it up and he got very defensive and said "Mom it is NOT potty Candy it is EASTER EGG!" ha. So I backed off, he earned that candy fair and share, and he WAS NOT going to go potty to get this candy...

Easter Morning
I wish I could say that I made our Easter about what it was really about, but I didn't. I was so preoccupied this year with getting our planners out, that Easter was pretty much about the baskets...

But our kids loved their baskets! Here are some pictures from that day...


 This is Dani in her Easter Dress! Remember Axel's first Easter and I took a picture of him on this chair? She is a few months older I think 3, but she was ALL over the place.

That afternoon we went to my moms for a BBQ and Axel got a a chance to fly his new kite in "windy City" (cause eagle mountain is always windy...) This was the first time he got to fly a kite, and he LOVED it! He had such a blast! It was so cute to see him run excitedly down the yard!

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That last picture is one of my favorite pictures of him.