Monday, August 15, 2011

50 years is no small feat.

Kory's mom and dad Celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this summer. What a huge accomplishment! We had fun celebrating with them!

As a gift for them one of the granddaughters (Mikes daughters) organized a big memory album for them and had us all contribute. These were our pages

Axel's PageDani's Page-
It was upon doing Dani's page that I realized we had no pictures of Grandma with either of my kids. So I made it a point to take lots of pictures with her at the thing :)

Kory's and my page - this page was hard to find a good family picture because we didn't have one after dani was born, so we took the one where I was like 8 months pregnant, and hating life, but it's a good picture anyway. Our family with Grandma and Grandpa

A somewhat better photo than the one from the blessing.
Kory and 13 of his siblings Mike, Steve, Kris, Rich, John, Kevin, Kim, Kurt, Shauna, Wendy, Keri (not pictured), Jeff, Mom and Dad, Kory, Kelli and Kassie!

With all their spouses!yeah I have 14 brother in laws, and 14 sister in laws! Funny story when Kory and I were dating he used to quiz me on all his siblings and spouses. It is harder than one would think! But I did it! and now I know them all pretty well too.
This was our centerpiece: The hat for Grandpa and the flowers for Grandma. When I asked Kory what reminded him of his mom, he said flowers. Although, our first idea was to do a Lazy Susan on the table :)
Of course Axel took one of the hats and had to wear it around.
Kassie and I with our babies Dani and Gauge
Grandma and Miss Danielle, she couldn't keep her hands out of her mouth the whole night!
Grandma, Dani and our new cousin/niece Khloe (only a week old or so!) But these girls are only about a lb different in weight in this picture! Although Dani is much taller it seems.
Mike was kind enough to do oodles of train rides with the kids...
Axel loved it but also was nervous about it too.
Maggie looks soo beautiful in this picture.
This is where lynus told me I was fat. He put his hands on my love handles, and said "yep your definitely bigger!" At first I was like, "uhhh thanks, I just had a baby, give me a break!" and then he said "Maggie IS smaller than you." It was because they made us trade places so the car was balanced, and I had said, I need to trade her places because I am bigger. He was just measuring to make sure :)
Axel enjoyed the train more when it wasn't moving, he is such a scaredy-cat sometimes.
And Dani got passed around to all her many many aunts and cousins the whole night and was told how beautiful she was all night long. So she was a happy camper :) She got to meet Aunt Alison for the first time too :)
All in all it was a pretty great night, and we were so happy to be able to be there surrounded by such a great family. Thanks Maida and Bob for sticking together for all these years, and for doing such a great job raising such a big and wonderful family! We are so happy to be apart of it! I hope one day Kory and I will get the same opportunity, thanks for setting such a great example! We love you!


KaSs MiLeS said...

i feel so bad we didn't get a chance to say hi to alison. i feel really really guilty about it.
the party was pretty fun, glad they've made it 50 years. that's a LONG time!

Our EyreLife said...

Hey! There's that train that I recognize!!! How fun to have it in your family!

50 years surely is a big deal. 15 kids is also a very big deal. You guys should follow in their footsteps. You make cute babies AND you're adorable together. It'll be awesome. Do it.

Ashley said...

Wowza 50 years!! We were sad we couldn't make it thanks for posting the pictures, looked like fun!

Urthman said...

Kory -- Your Dad and Mom are special folks. The only thing I find odd is that they haven't changed a bit in the twenty+ years that I have known them. Must be some good genes in there somewhere. --Bart

rain said...

I enjoyed the time we were at the party. 50 years is no small feat, indeed. We were rushed with Jeff's freelance that was due, so we didn't get to visit the way we would have liked, but I'm glad that so many were there. It was a really nice turn-out for Bob and Maida.

maida said...

You are so kind in your comments, we had a great time too.