Friday, November 19, 2010

not much...

I don't really have a lot to blog about right now.

We have just been taking it one day at a time around here. No projects, or fun filled adventures. Just the usual. And that's okey. I mean it too. I have been so sick, tired and just not up for anything. I am content with just Relax'n all cool like.

Earlier this week I was almost admitted for dehydration because I couldn't keep fluids down. My lips were dry and cracked, my mouth was dry and sticky, I was absolutely exhausted and I had no idea about the pee thing. Thankfully I was given an RX for Zofran and that made SUCH a difference. I took it the first night and ate and drank my heart out, and it was so wonderful fantastic. The next day, however I wasn't feeling sick, but decided to take it anyway, and then got sick?

So I don't know if its something I need to take continually or just as needed for nausea? My RX says "every 8 hours, as needed for nausea and vomiting" So does that mean I take it every 8 hours, or just when I feel nauseated, and can take one every 8 hours? But just having the extra calories and fluids I think made all the difference, I just need to remind myself to drink a sip of water every 10 minutes and have a snack every hour and a half. (It's harder than you realize, but if I do that I seem to do alright.) I will say that I am really grateful for medicine. We're not too into pills around here, I will take an occasional Tylenol for my blood sugar migraines. But for the most part we rarely use other forms of medicine to treat sickness. However, this pill I think quite possibly saved my life, ok maybe not to that extreme but it at least saved my sanity.

Is super duper duper close to getting our basement done. (We are picking up our carpet and some doors tonight in fact! Best date night ever!) Kory has been working on it non stop, well besides taking breaks for work, and to play with Axel. It is coming together very nicely, I would post pictures but I was told I wasn't allowed. Even though the end is close we still feel like we have so much to do, especially Kory since I can't do much, except maybe pick up supplies. It's kind of a maddening thing not being able to help. But I am excited for him to have this done, it will be really great for him and for our family. (I am not going to lie, I REALLY want it done before my birthday, that would be the best gift ever.)

Also, Kory was given a new calling in our ward, Elders Quorum First Counselor. I had an opportunity to listen to all the new presidency members bare their testimonies, and the spirit testified to me that these men were the right men for this calling. I know he will do great things as he serves in this capacity. Our ward is what I call a "high need, low assistance" ward. Serving in the Relief Society Presidency, often times I feel like our wards needs surpass those willing to help. It can be really frustrating sometimes. But I have seen Kory do great things in this ward, as he has served and know he will also do great things for the Elders in our ward. I am proud of him.

Well this boy is "growing like a weed" In so many ways, he is turning into such a little boy. He is talking like crazy! We love it. One of our favorite things he does right now, is when you say "A pirate says?" he goes ARRRGH! (Props to Story for teaching him that!) I will have to get it on video sometime for you.

Also some of his new words are cup cake, cracker, car, vroom, bottle... and whole lot of gibberish.

About a week ago he took 5 steps in a row, while trying to chase Story, he then showed Kory that night. But since then it has only been 1 or 2 steps at time unassisted and when he is feeling really brave. We were pretty excited that he is on his way to walking. I know it will happen eventually. Our Dr said 18 months, and if he's not walking by then we'll talk. Sometimes its hard though, to see other babies that are much younger than him walking around. Or when people say things like "do you think it's because of the way he crawls?" or comments like " Does he ever crawl normal?" while these comments mean well, it first tells me they think he crawls funny, and 2nd that he is behind walking wise. But my Dr reassures me that the way he crawls is perfectly normal and not harmful to his development. But still, those comments are hard for me. Sometimes it's hard too not compare him to other babies when it comes to walking. I am proud of him of course, and know when he is ready it will happen, but I guess we all have our things, I am kinda protective of him too.

We are at 12 weeks already, can you believe it? I can't. We are almost through our first trimester. We go in to hear the heartbeat again on Monday. I am still kinda nervous for it. Even though we have had 2 ultrasounds already. On that note, our gender ultrasound will be sometime after the new year. Kory is pretty sure it's a girl, I kinda think so too, even though I want it to be another boy. Not that I won't love having a girl. I would just love Axel to have a little buddy he is close too. But I will love having a girl too. So what do you guys think it will be?

All of us
Our thanksgiving is starting early this year. My side of the family is getting together THIS Sunday for Thanksgiving since my sister Hilary works this year over Thanksgiving. I am very excited for Thanksgiving. I know a lot of people overlook this Holiday, and get caught up in Christmas season, but I really love Thanksgiving. I used to hate it because it was always over my birthday, but now as I am older and really know what I value in life, I couldn't find a better way to spend my birthday then with my family. Thanksgiving is Kory's favorite Holiday too, I mean are you surprised, no presents required, just good food and family, two of his absolute favorite past times.

Anyway, hope you are all doing great, no one really is updating blogs lately, you must all be off doing amazing things :)


KaSs MiLeS said...

amen to the no blogging, but what can you do. my life isn't very interesting right now.
axel really is growing a lot. I couldn't believe yesterday how much of a little boy he is! He crawls just fine and will walk so soon!
I can't believe you're that far along already. time has gone into warp speed for me, guess it has for you too!

Jessie Eyre said...

Glad to have an update! Keep on keepin' on, you guys! I'm so totally impressed with your fix it up skills! I just SO wish I had that in my blood.

Sorry that we didn't get to meet up the other weekend. We all got colds AGAIN.........and I was a loser friend and didn't contact you guys about that. Sorry. It will work out one of these days because we REALLY want to have you guys over. SEriously.

Kat Clark said...

Amy, I never required Zofran for my pregnancies, thank goodness, but one time I got a TERRIBLE case of the stomach flu and couldn't stop throwing up. So Michael brought home a syringe and some Zofran and gave me a shot. It really was like a magical drug! I hope you find the consistency that you need to stay healthy and hydrated. That is scary!

Ashley said...

It does seem like as soon as winter hits the blogging slows. I'm sure it will start back up again as soon as the holiday's are over.

Can't wait to see the finished basement, i haven't been down there in awhile.

It was so fun babysitting Axel today he is just so sweet and cute!

rain said...

I'm all about "nothing" really going on. I think that when there's too much stuff happening I get overwhelmed and wish for those days of simplicity, again. I'm glad you're feeling better. And I'm glad you found a miracle drug. I wish I would have had that. Sounds super amazing. And I'm SO jealous of Axel and his talking skills! Seriously! All kids develop differently. Syd crawled at five months, and walked at nine. However, she STILL refuses to say words regularly. So there you go. We all worry, because we're their moms. But no matter what, there's no rules set in stone.

Tan+Charee+Chloe+Tru said...

amy your pregnant!!! i haven't been keeping up on the blog world so i just found out and im so happy for you that is until i read how your pregnancy is so so so sorry!!! and i know drinking water feels like lead hitting your stomach but keep up the good work:) i can't wait to find out what your having and ps i felt the same way....i totally wanted a girl because im crazy in love with Chloe but Tru has stolen my heart!!! also when i saw that your having a baby i felt GIRL before reading anything:) Kory, Tanner and i love your comments:) the museum is in louisville kentucky cuz that's where we live now you guys should come:) and Axel is absolutely darling!!!