Friday, April 23, 2010


Is it too late to post about our Easter?

Well if it is, just deal because I am behind on my posts (like always)

So here is our Easter...
1. We LOVED waking up to our Easter pails! I think Kory and I had more fun watching Axel go to town on all his new toys then Axel did playing with them. (Note to self buying grass is a waste of money, I ended up just taking it out because he put it where? you guessed it, right in his mouth)

2. We LOVED staying in our PJ's all day while watching conference then eating a delicious lunch then back to sitting on the couch in our PJ's to watch the 2nd session. I Love Easter on conference Sunday. It always seems to be so great. But then again conference is always so great, and always exactly what I need to hear.

3. We LOVED spending time with both our families that day, we are pretty lucky to have both our families so close by!

Here are some pictures of our little Easter Bunny. :)On Friday the Easter Bunny came to Macey's and Axel and I just so happened to capture the end of it. He thought the Easter bunny was great, can you tell? ( In fact, when I went back later to pick up the pictures from Macey's I got to look at some of the other families pictures and BOY, you should have seen some of the terror in those kids eyes! But not Axel, I am sure he would have stayed with him all day if I let him. (Maybe I should get a bunny suit for my babysitters?) The picture below is after we got home I couldn't get enough of the face painting they did on him. How CUTE is he!?
A week before Easter I participated in our Stake Easter Extravaganza. We did a 5k, and then had a Easter egg hunt. (My friend Sheri was there and she captured this of Axel for me) He thought the Easter egg was pretty great.


Hannah Schott said...

Amy & Kory,
Axel is soooooooo cute! But you already knew that. What fun times!

Sarah said...

That last photo is priceless - you really captured Axel's cuteness!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

i LOVE that picture of him in that blue chair with his face painted. he is so stinking cute!!

Jessie Eyre said...

That first picture is EXACTLY how I remember Kory looking in Elementary school! I showed Dustin the picture and he totally agrees! Just add 5 years. He's totally adorable, you guys!

Are we ever going to have you guys over?!

Jessie Eyre said...

P.S. And yes, I DID find Kory totally adorable in elementary school......especially when he wore all of his clothes backward with Tyler Sycamore.

You guys were such weirdos. :)

But Axel.

rain said...

Why do I always miss your posts? That is one cute boy. She can look so sad and serious at the same time. And then he looks so playful when he sticks his tongue out. What a sweetie. I'm excited to get to know him better. :)