Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Here it is folks, our Christmas post! This was Axel's first Christmas, and although he couldn't get his hand to do anything other than go into his mouth, he loved all the bright colors of the wrapping paper, and he is loving his Christmas presents a little more each and every day!
On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house for our family Christmas party, we had a great dinner put together by my mom, and then exchanged gifts and played the usual white elephant gift exchange game. We won a bump it, a Jupiter Jack, a movie ticket and a smelly candle and some other stuff too I think... Good times!

We then went home and each opened up one gift. Axels gift as you would probably guess were these stinking cute pjs! (My parents did this too, or it was a Christmas dress for Sunday) I figure while he is too little to know what is going on, this is mainly for my enjoyment and for pictures on Christmas morning.
Christmas morning we waited to open presents until Axel woke us up, which was around 830. I think this is the first morning EVER where I was like the later the better! He was pretty happy. (mostly because he is always happy first thing in the morning, he really had no idea why...)

Here are a bunch of photos of him and his gifts.
I made him this cube, and he loves it. He grabs it with both hands and shoves it in his mouth! This was his favorite gift by far, he LOVES it, and it has been so nice for us to have as well. It has 5 songs that play for 20 minutes, and it has a remote! LOVE IT
These guys were there...

And so was I, but I must have gotten buried under all this trash!
Later that day we went to Kory's parents for some more good food, visiting and playing card games. We played one of my favorite games Monopoly Deal! Its great!

Merry (Belated) Christmas everyone, hope it was as great and wonderful as ours was!


Ashley said...

Love love those Pj's! There is nothing better than cuddling those little bodies in those cute little jammy's!

KaSs MiLeS said...

those jammies were so stinking cute!! He makes your photos cute. :)

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

Axel's pajamas were really cute, but for real Kory is still wearing those pajama pants? I think it is time to retire them to put it in his words.

rain said...

So glad that your first Christmas as a mommy was wonderful. I love that cube that you made for Axel, it reminds me of something I had when I was a baby. But uh, my mom didn't make it. So it wasn't even AS special. But I loved it just the same.

Sarah said...

Oh that looks like fun - Axel is just so cute in those Jammies!!!

Our EyreLife said...

Those jammies are TO DIE is the kid wearing them! Geeze. Looks like such a great Christmas!

We still want to have you over.......let me know how things are for you guys....

Hugs and loves

P.S. I think Axel looks like a baby that what everyone says?!