Thursday, December 31, 2009

hotel hotel

Kory travels a lot for work, and is a part of a priority club. Because he is a part of the priority club we got two free nights that we had to use up before the end of the year. So we took a little mini vacation to good old Sandy Utah! (I know super exciting, it really was tho) Who doesn't love a good nights stay in a free hotel on a king sized bed with a free breakfast and a hot tub to boot? I know we are HUGE fans.

The nice big King sized bed!
I dont know why I always document the sinks but I do.
This is the OTHER tv in the lounge area. Thats right we had TWO tv's!
Axel had a blast!and we even got to bring our dogs! but next time they are staying home, they were such pills the whole time!

The 2nd night Kory gave it to me to use with my mom and sisters to have a Girls night out! (because he has been working every spare minute in our basement, and couldn't get away a 2nd night.) This was way awesome for all of us because it is something we have NEVER done before, but always wanted to.

And although we didn't get very much Rest and Relaxation on our girls night, we sure did have a fun time!

My Mom and Hilary at Oliver garden
My sister Liesel and I
Ready to swim! He was such a Ladies Man! He was the only kid there, and ate up all the attention he got from his aunts and Grandma.We had 3 beds and cradle in our room, but the baby bed made me nervous because it has these big bars and he kicks his feet a lot and at one point he was like an inch away from hitting his head, so Axel ended up with me most of the night.


Ashley said...

How Fun! If you stay in a hotel it always feels like a vacation even if you are only 30 min away. Axel's trunks are so stinking cute!

Tanner + his girls said...

he is so so so adorable and you look great!!

rain said...

That would be SO much fun! Too bad Kory didn't take Axel, then you could have TOTALLY had a girl's night. When you have more than one kid, that won't sound as mean. ;)

KaSs MiLeS said...

that's so fun!! those star jammies on axel are stinking cute! he is such a cute boy! i love girls nights out! We did that as miles girls and it was so much fun!