Monday, October 19, 2009

Pie and Pumpkins

I know, most people make pumpkin pie this time of year, but I have been craving key lime pie! Kory can't have sugar so I made this pie with agave, and it was YUM! Believe it or not the entire thing was sugar free! Crust and all!
Then on Friday we carved pumpkins at Jess and Skylers house.

Mine and Axels pumpkin: its an A for Anderson
Kory's Pumpkin
Axel is getting more and more smiley and interactive. We love it!
I put his mobile up in his pack and play and this is his first reaction. He loves to watch all the animals go around. (please ignore my voice in the background and my crappy camera skills)


KaSs MiLeS said...

story liked that mobile too. She'd stare at it forever! its hard when they get older and are almost asleep, but want their mobile still on and you have to crank it, but that just wakes them up! i need to come play with axel very soon

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

My friend is making a monster mobile. I'm going to copy her when I have kids. That's very Jeff of me isn't it? And I want some pie. I love key lime.

Shanna said...

That pie looks yummy! Agave is a great substitute. And cute pumpkins. Way to get into the spirit of the season!

Kyle said...

I'm really salivating over that pie.

rain said...

Your pie looks delish! And Axel reminds me so much of Cole. Just smaller. Kinda like Jeff and Kory. ;)
He's such a cutie--and I want to hold him. I always think Sydney is so small, until I see Axel.

Jill said...

First, Axel is adorable. 2nd, I need that pie recipe (I love Agave). 3rd, thanks for the Kudo's on my photos! But (as I'm sure you know) you can't put a cute kid in front of a camera and not get cute photos. So all credit goes to the kid, really.

Glad to see you're doing well!

Jon and Diana Browning said...

Hey, sorry I still haven't sent that package to you...I am so slow! Don't be mad at me. I'll see you for thanksgiving....maybe ill just bring it with me then?

Baileys said...

I want that recipe!