Thursday, May 7, 2009

Im adicted

Last night while Kory and I were reading scriptures in bed, wiggles was moving like crazy! I have been able to feel him move when I put my hand on my tummy too for a few weeks now, but every time I grab Kory's hand to feel, he stops. I think one of the reasons, and this is only a theory really, is because I can feel it on the inside, so my brain tells my hands it can feel it too.

Well last night as we were laying there, and this kid was seriously throwing a fit about having to stay up to read scriptures (if you ask Kory he gets that from me.) So I grabbed Kory's hand and placed it on my tummy and told him to push a little bit and sure enough when I felt a little thud in my uterus, Kory said to me "I think I felt it!" It was a pretty cool moment for us, and I am glad that he was able to feel it now, because I feel a little bad for him that he hasn't been able to feel all the movements and such. And I must say I am addicted, and can't get enough of the kicks!

Also, I put in my two weeks today! YEAH! I sent my boss an email, because I just couldn't confront him, and he is super manipulative, and I was afraid I would give him the wrong impression why I left if I did it in person. I want to make sure when I leave he knows exactly why. I also haven't told him I am pregnant, but he knows I am, he has tried to get me to spill the beans a couple of times, but when I didn't tell him he got all grumpy and went and posted my job on Craigslist.

I am also not feeling very well today, and am at home in bed (no I don't have the swine flu) but it could just be nerves about putting in my two weeks. Or fatigue, either way I am taking a "Personal" day to get some R&R, because this week has been a little bit too much stress for one person. (I have also been training a new girl at my work, and we use macs, and she has never used a mac before, so.... that's been fun) So I have felt like I am drowning at work even more than ever, and this was supposed to help me out so I wouldn't feel so behind at work all the time.

On a lighter note two nights ago we were helping a family move, and this little girl about the age of 4, first thing she said to me was "Do you have a baby in your tummy?"

And I said, "yes, I do"

And she said "Did it hurt when they put it in there?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. The end!

You will have to excuse how seriously sick I look in these pictures, but here is how much I have grown or rather how much Wiggles has

14 weeks (I remember feeling huge at this point )

Ta da! Today at 19 weeks and 4 days


Emily said...

That has to be one of the funniest things I've heard from a little kid!
How exciting to feel the baby move! I'm glad Kory was able to feel it as well. So much fun. Your baby bump is looking cute!!

Keri said...

I loved feeling the babies move, you miss it when they're born.

Tanner + his girls said...

your so cute prego im so excited for you! i love the onesies.

Annie said...

You do not look look sooo cute! I miss being enjoy it while you can. I can't wait for your baby...and isn't it the best feeling them move? Ahhhhh it is such a beautiful thing....ANnie

rain said...

I always thought that it was so frustrating when you'd want their daddy to feel them move, and they wouldn't do anything. Your baby is definitely an Anderson. ALL my kids did that. It's the stubborn streak. Boy are you in for good times. ;)

Just wait until to get a little further along. Your addiction will be well fed in the middle of the night when "wiggles" squishes your bladder no less than a million times. :)

Shauna said...

You look so cute pregnant! Those movements are the most amazing life experiences.

KaSs MiLeS said...

i hate that i dont see you've updated your blog for like 3 days after. Anyway, i couldn't believe how pregnant you looked on saturday, you're getting so big and its only going to get bigger. you are officially half way through today!!! congrats! and huge congrats on your 2 weeks notice!

bishopfamily said...

You look so cute! Congrats on being pregnant, I bet it's the best feeling ever.